Duct Cleaning Services

We are pleased to offer our customers competitive pricing on duct cleaning services.  

Negative air prevents dirt/dust/debris from ending up in your home.
The flexibility to clean all duct work safely and efficiently-even flex duct.
Before and After

Industry Leading Pricing and Service

· Duct cleaning is priced per HVAC duct system in the home.

· If there is more than one HVAC system in the home, this will be treated as an additional duct cleaning service.

· Our cleaning and disinfection time is about 3 hours per duct system.

· Disinfectant & deodorizer are included on every duct cleaning.

· Supply registers & return grills are dusted and hand cleaned at no additional cost.

· If a duct line is damaged/deteriorating, Air Filters To You will NOT perform the cleaning on that specific line and will offer a HVAC company referral for repair.

Cleaning and Pressure verification process

· Air Filters To You uses rotary brush air duct cleaning technology on every air duct cleaning service.

· Supply registers are removed and foam blocks are installed into each supply vent, steadily increasing the negative pressure in the ducting system applied by Negative Air Machine.

· As the ducts are cleaned by the rotary brush equipment, a constant vacuum is maintained to retrieve the dirt/dust removed from the duct lines.

· The dust/dirt is all pulled through and filter in negative air machine.

Additional Options

· Registers/vents/grills needing a chemical cleaning, per Register/Vent/Grill additional for chemical cleaning.

· Smoke odor removal chemical available at an additional per duct cleaning. Smoke exposure or damage needs to be clarified at the time of scheduling if aware.

· Dryer vent cleaning is available during duct cleaning service. We will not perform dryer vent cleaning on a stand-alone service.

· Indoor Coil clean: includes removal of any/all paneling to access and clean the Evaporative Coil with Alkaline Cleaner

We want you to be a one time customer! 

You read that right.  We want to get your ducts cleaned, disinfected, and deodorized, and from there as long as you are regularly changing your HVAC filters you shouldn't need to use our duct cleaning services again.  We'd love to help you with your filter needs though.  We can deliver your filters on a regular schedule, or if you'd like us to we will bring the filters and install them for you.